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Labour Relations Update - May 7th

Labour Relations - May 5th- 

Important Dates

Fri. June 5th - PA Day - school closed to students
Wed. June 10th - Mutchmor Carnival
Monday. June 15th Open House at First Ave.
Tues. June 23rd - Report Cards 
Tues. June 23rd - Grade 6 Leaving Ceremony (afternoon) @ Glebe H.S.
Thurs. June 25th - Last Day of School
Fri. June 26th - PA Day - school closed to students


Student Transfer Period - Feb 9th- 20th

Middle French Immersion Registration - February 17th - 23rd

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EQAO Results

Mutchmor's 2013-14 EQAO results can be accessed from

TTFM Survey Results

Here are the 2013-2014 results. For more info, see our WITS page.


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Once again this year the stusdents of Mutchmor PS will be engaging in healthy active activities in celebration of the Heart & Stroke Foundation. During the month of April students will be involved in learning a variety of facts about the heart and a variety of ideas and activities to develop a healthy heart and active lifestyle in gym class. With the support of the Heart & Stroke Foundation the school will receive 30 individual skipping ropes and a set of double-dutch ropes. This rope is the symbol for how simple it can be to live a healthy active life.

 During the month, students from grades 1-6 will develop their skipping skills during gym class for two purposes;

1.     To develop skills for speed and power for the purposes of fitness and athleticism;

2.    To develop skills for the purpose of entertaining and enjoyment.

  The Jump Rope for Heart Program is one of the Heart and Stroke Foundations big fundraisers for the year. This year Mutchmor students will be asked to support the work of the Heart & Stroke Foundation by participating in “Heart Days” to help build our “Heart Wall”. Heart Days are opportunities for students to donate money and collect hearts to be placed on the heart wall. Students will receive a heart for every $2 donation. We will be collecting donations from April 7th to May 8th. Students are encouraged to donate as many times as they wish, this can be a lump sum or small amounts over the fundraising period.

Our goal for this year is to raise $400



Update #5:

  - And it is over for another year! 

- Thank you to all that participated in the Healthy Heart month by donating $2.00. Our final total is not complete yet but we are already over $375 ...

Update #4:

 - This past week the healthy heart wall grew thanks to the numerous students donating money.

- This is our last week of health heart month. We will continue to build our healthy heart wall right up until Friday.

- Looking forward to our grade 6 skipping presentation

Update #3:

 - This past week the healthy heart wall grew thanks to the numerous students donating money.

- This week students will bringing home "Getting Avtive for Life"

Update #2:

- This past week has improved our rate of collection. We have surpased the $125 mark. 


- Special mntion to Ms. Ninac's Class as they have the best class participation in the school

- A special challenge to the grade 6 classes. At the assemblay you stated you were the best graduating grade 6 group ever!

Update #1:

- we are off to a slow start with week 1 bringing in $40. 

- Monday students were given a booklet "Eat Well. Live Longer". It is full of great information and tips on how to eat healthy. Look for it in your child's agenda/ school bag.


 WITS Program

Our school uses the WITS program to help us solve our problem and strengthen our relationships.  WITS stands for Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out, and Seek Help.  For more information about our program, visit our W.I.T.S. page.  You can also visit this webpage, where the WITS organizers in BC have recognized and shared our creative ideas!

For our school WITS activities, see our school's WITS page, or check out our work from 2013-2014:


Pottery At Mutchmor

In January, a number of classes had workshops with the Gloucester Pottery School where they learned the techniques involved in creating 3-D sculptures.


Math Contests and Mutchmor Students

In March, a number of Mutchmor students took part in the Kangaroo Math Contest. The purpose of this competition is to introduce youngsters from grade 1 to grade 12 to math challenges. The competition is held yearly in the following Canadian cities: Calgary, Charlottetown (new), Coquitlam, Edmonton,Guelph (new), Halifax, Lethbridge (new), London, Montreal, Mississauga, North Bay, Ottawa, Regina (new), St. Catharines(new), Scarborough, Sherbrooke (new), St. John's, Sudbury,Sydney (new), Thunder Bay, Toronto, Vancouver (new),Waterloo (new), and Winnipeg.

Students in Mrs. Sheehy's class, Noor and Patrick,  both received a bronze medal for their achievements. Zander finished 5th overall in Canada, and he placed as the top grade 2 student in Ottawa. Well done representing our school!  Click here to see local results.

Mutchmor Ranked 2nd in OCDSB by Fraser Institute

The Fraser Institute released its annual elementary school rankings and Mutchmor ranks 2nd in the OCDSB and 9th out of all schools in Ottawa.  Click here for the Ottawa Citizen story.  Click here for the full Fraser Report.

Setting goals with an Olympian – Katie Weatherston

Grade 3 – 6 students had a special opportunity to spend time with an Olympic athlete and a chance to visit the main hall at GNAG!  Katie Weatherston was a member of the 2006 gold-medal Women’s Hockey team.  She challenged students to set short-term goals to reach their long-term goals. Students identified long-term goals such as “I want to run a marathon” or “I want to be a doctor”, and Katie challenged them to write 7 short-term goals to help them achieve it: “I will join a running club” or “I will check my work for spelling 5 times”.

Katie emphasized the importance of being on time, courageous, disciplined and consistent every day.  She encouraged them not to let anything stop them from achieving their goals, and left them with a final thought from Babe Ruth: You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.

Students had a moment to view Katie’s Olympic and national medals, along with the Olympic torch she carried, prior to heading back to school.

Adult Crossing Guard Employment Opportunity

Click here for details.


Construction Through the Eyes of Grade 1 and 2 Students: By: Sediq and Eli (Mrs. Hodges’ grade 1/2 class)

The construction is amazing! The tools they have are very cool. We saw the windows covered with black sheets. All the bricks are coming down from the big gym. There were bangs when they were banging big metal hammers into the ground. We saw lots of metal beams. The trees are cut down because they have a disease and there are stumps. We saw a new shed for Mr. Gobeo in the primary yard.

This week, we saw a crane and big pieces of wood. We think the wood is for the building. The hallway to the big gym is blocked off now. We go into the small gym to get to the big gym now. The builders are trying to make our school bigger. Maybe the workers will stop working today and make a snowman or a snow fort. 

Eli (grade 1) and Sediq (grade 2) are students in Mrs. Hodges’ grade 1/2 class at Mutchmor PS. Her class plans to visit our construction site regularly as part of their Language Arts program.  Using the school’s iPads, they are taking photos to record the changes on our school yard, and they are talking about their construction observations back in class. Mrs. Hodges is using our project as the authentic topic for her students’ writing. They have started daily writing, and they hope to use a blog to share it with a bigger audience soon. For more informaton about our Big Move, visit our Big Move page.